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Websocket Client API

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A simpe API to connect to a Websocket Server / Endpoint

Forgot to mention: This API requires a Internet Card and Lua 5.3

Example Code:

local ws = require("websocket_client");
local event = require("event");

local cl = ws.create(function(ev ,var1) print(ev .. "->" .. var1) end);

cl:connect("localhost", 12345, "/");

while true do
  local ev = {event.pull()};

  if ev[1] == "interrupted" then
  elseif ev[1] == "touch" then


Full API documentation here: https://github.com/feldim2425/OC-Programs/blob/master/websocket_client/API.md

To download and install the API simply run this command:

pastebin run xnXssAtH


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