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OC - "net" API [basic DNS system]

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net API - The most basic DNS system

How this works:

  • The DNS server constantly broadcasts out its information every 2 seconds on the specified port
  • The client APIs have a function to search for the next DNS server (they wait for the above information) which then sets the table containing the information to net.foundServer
  • Now the client APIs have the ability to call net.setDNS(net.foundServer.address) to lock to that DNS
  • With that the client APIs can now register and delete their URLs on this DNS server
  • Every other client who has that DNS server locked on too can look up your modem's address by calling net.resolve(url) [returns true/false and the message (either an error or the address)]


DNS server:

  • A setup with color support (it logs stuff on the screen and uses colors for that too)
  • Of course a wireless network card
  • My multitasking API which should be saved as "oc_multitasking_api"
  • At best: openOS (because it uses the keyboard and event api)


  • The api
  • A wireless network card of course
  • And maybe an idea on how you can make use of it
  • At best: openOS (because it uses the event api)

How to set it up:

  • Build a server / computer for the DNS server (look at the requirements)
  • Buld a computer for the client(s) (look at the requirements)
  • Create a new program to use the API
    NOTE: At boot, the API doesn't have a DNS server registered, you NEED to register it using net.listenForDNS() or directly putting in an address
    local net = require("net") --This needs to be called for every program which uses the API, which is normal
    net.listenForDNS() --This wont stop until it gets a message from a DNS server
    net.setDNS(net.foundServer.address) --Set the locked DNS to the actual address of the found server



  • listenForDNS() : Waits for a DNS server to broadcast it's information
  • registerURL([STRING]): Registers an URL for your modem's address  (Returns true/false with an (error-) message)
  • removeURL([STRING]): Removes the given URL from the DNS if it's yours (Returns true/false with an (error-) message)
  • setDNS([STRING]): Set the locked DNS' address to the given one
  • getDNS(): Get the currently locked DNS' address (returns the address of the DNS server's modem)
  • getPort(): Get the port which the API looks for messages from the DNS server
  • setPort([NUMBER]): Set the port which the API looks for messages from the DNS server
  • resolve([STRING]): Try to get the modem address of the given URL (Returns true/false with the address or an error message)
  • getURL([STRING]): The reverse of the above function (Returns true/false with the URL or an error message)
  • getAll(): Returns a table with every URL and the associated address on the DNS server (key = URL, value = address)


DNS server:


net API:




The DNS server does currently not save the DNS list on reboot and it looks like it stops broadcasting when the computer stays on when closing the server / game.

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