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How do I get a print function working for a drone BIOS?


I've been writing up a bios for my drone with one major snag: text output will be a nightmare. I can't think of a "clean" way to implement a way of searching for a new line, since every space on the monitor technically has the observed text value of "" (when I added an if function to see if gpu.get returned "", it pulled through and outputted gpu.set(1,2). the previously non-occupied line had a value of "" rather than nil. also, type() is saying the type of the unoccupied space was a string).


First I took a peek at the term API, since I couldn't figure out where print was defined in openOS.


function term.write(value,wrap)
  local stdout = io.output()
  local stream = stdout and stdout.stream
  local previous_wrap = stream.wrap
  stream.wrap = wrap == nil and true or wrap
  stream.wrap = previous_wrap


Surprise surprise, it relies on the IO library, which is a part of the filesystem library.  Naturally, I took a look at the IO library's output function.

function io.input(file)
  return io.stream(0, file, 'r')

function io.output(file)
  return io.stream(1, file,'w')

function io.error(file)
  return io.stream(2, file,'w')

It simply returns io.stream, so that's where I look next.


function io.stream(fd,file,mode)
  assert(fd>=0,'fd must be >= 0. 0 is input, 1 is stdout, 2 is stderr')
  if file then
    if type(file) == "string" then
      local result, reason = io.open(file, mode)
      if not result then
        error(reason, 2)
      file = result
    elseif not io.type(file) then
      error("bad argument #1 (string or file expected, got " .. type(file) .. ")", 2)
    require("process").info().data.io[fd] = file
  return require("process").info().data.io[fd]

This is what confuses me.  io.output is passing file. Not a string, not a file path, not anything. Just file. What is this 'file' and what does it have to do with text output? Why are so many basic lua functionalities missing without openOS?

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"file" is a buffer, just like a buffered input file but not actually a file. Also BIOS is designed to be absolute minimum. A lot of things have been taken out as a result. How would the bios know what screen to print to?

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FYI, dunno if you already know this but, the print function is just a wrapper for io.stdout:write with a concatenated newline char. i.e. 

function print( ... )
  local out = ""
  for i = 1, #arg do
    out = out .. type(arg[i]) == 'string' and arg[i] or tostring(arg[i])
  io.stdout:write( out .. '\n' )

... Seems the latest definition of print in OpenOS uses  a buffer like what @TYKUHN2 said. Here is the real def in the latest version of OpenOS.

-- Other code above in file.
-- found @ "/boot/00_base.lua"
function print(...)
  local args = table.pack(...)
  local stdout = io.stdout
  for i = 1, args.n do
    local arg = tostring(args[i])
    if i > 1 then
      arg = "\t" .. arg


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the real "how to print to screen" work is done in a kernel level library called tty. These are NOT public methods because the method names and parameters will change without warning as I see fit to optimize or refactor code. But, if you want to know where "print" EVENTUALLY gets to actually rendering text on the screen, look here: https://github.com/payonel/OpenComputers/blob/master-MC1.7.10/src/main/resources/assets/opencomputers/loot/openos/lib/tty.lua#L319

The boot code has a far simpler, dumbed down version (for example, it doesn't wrap, it doesn't have a cursor position): https://github.com/payonel/OpenComputers/blob/master-MC1.7.10/src/main/resources/assets/opencomputers/loot/openos/lib/core/boot.lua#L45

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