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OETF #8 - Allocated Network Card Port Numbers

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This is a centralized repository to allow users to communicate on what port numbers their programs use, and to reserve them in an effort to minimize overlap.

This is a copy of: https://github.com/GlobalEmpire/OC-Programs/blob/master/Reserved OC network card ports.txt

If you would like to reserve a number, please do any of the following:

1. Post in this thread

2. Message MajGenRelativity#4971 on Discord

3. Message MajGenRelativity on irc.esper.net


Currently Reserved Ports:

Port 14: Ethernet over OC: Reserved by SolraBizna

Port 148: GUI service: Reserved by Dustpuppy

Ports 324-325: Stargate Dialing Service: Reserved by Demokela

Port 4096: Minitel: Reserved by Izaya

Ports 4378-4379: GERTi: Reserved by Global Empire

Port 4662: Short messages: Reserved by Dustpuppy

Port 9100: Network Print Service: Reserved by Dustpuppy

Port 9900: Zorya BIOS LAN boot: Reserved by awoo

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Don't you think the first n ports should be saved for public oetf network protocols, rather than taking the first 10 for a private chat program? I think maybe the first 256. Or since people tend to use low numbers for their private programs, we should use the highest 256 ports for oetf ports

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Lol, you must have looked at the GitHub listing. I keep forgetting to remove the reserved ports for my chat program, as it is garbage, and should be rewritten to use GERT. I don't really want to reserve ports for programs that don't even exist as ideas yet, so I'm not sure what to think about your suggestion. If you have a specific program you want a port(s) reserved for, let me know!



Thinking back on my chat program, it's actually pretty ancient (circa 2+ years ago). One of the first programs I ever created. But, I'm removing the reservation because I will revise it to run over GERT which means it does not require its own port reservation.

Edited by MajGenRelativity
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8 hours ago, Programeditor said:

ok, I am creating a series of addons for openos, and several things require network usage, including remote control of pcs and chat rooms

Are you available on either Discord or IRC? Discord is preferable. If you are, I'm in the OC Discord and IRC as MGR/MajGenRelativity. Please PM me if you can.

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This isn't exactly a network protocol. There are networking protocols registered on this list, but it is mainly to prevent port collisions and alert others of possible network services. I'm not sure what use a dedicated broadcast port would use, as it would be rare to have all software on this list implemented at once.

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