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Solra Bizna

OETF Document Number Registry

Recommended Posts

  1. Cross-Architecture Booting
  2. Universal Interchange Format
  3. OpenComputers Ethernet (reserved by myself)
  4. OCranet family of protocols: OCR (OCranet Relay)
  5. OCranet family of protocols: NNR (Network-to-Network Routing)
  6. Global Empire Routing Technology
  7. ON2 - Simple L2 protocol for network stacks
  8. Allocated Network Card Port Numbers (reserved by MajGenRelativity)

If you'd like to reserve an OETF document number, contact me, as I appear to have become the central authority for them. Here are the ways in which I can be contacted, in descending order of how quickly I will see your request:

  • SolraBizna on IRC (irc.tejat.net, irc.esper.net)
  • solra@bizna.name via email
  • Private message on these forums

If you catch me at a good time, I'll have a few things to suggest on the topic of your document. If you catch me at a bad time, I'll probably just reserve you a number without question. :)

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