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DCPU Architecture

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So I have very slowly been making a DCPU Architecture for OpenComputers. If you don't know what DCPU is, it's a fake CPU architecture designed by notch for his discontinued game 0x10c. While all work on the game has come to a halt, there is still alot of interest for the CPU spec which he released.

My idea was to make an emulator that completely follows the spec, including all or most of the devices. This would mean that existing software would work perfectly.

Development is slow as my motivation disappears and returns very briefly. One of my problems is that I can never keep working on one project for long, my interest change sporadically. But I have mostly finished the CPU itself, I haven't tested all the instructions so it's not bugfree. Currently I am working on the devices, specifically the lem1802 (the screen) and the keyboard. The screen works but currently I can't change the colour pallette or change the font(which I don't think will be possible in oc currently). The keyboard is alot more buggy, keys are sometimes doublepressed, not pressed at all, and sometimes just completely break the buffer.

It's not on github atm but if people are interested in the code I'll post the source.

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