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for loop pause/resume


As an Example I wrote a platform builder but if I set the dimensions to big I have to babysit the robot to make sure it doesn't run out of material.


I would like to stop the build get resources and pickup where I left off.


robot.select(slot) is in a separate file as part of a library of Inventory related functions


in-case you wanted to see



I have not Implemented it yet but i was going to try this










I realize the doLoop wont work but I am getting this error    "module 'Inventory' not found              no package.preload['Inventory'] /home/lib/Inventory.lua:33: expected <eof> near return

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Depends on what you want it to do. Assuming you want to return those three values in one table,

return {nextFull = nextFull, refill = refill, refilltower = refilltower}

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