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Full sized text on monitor


Hello OpenComputerers, i need some help.

I am a very beginner and I never did something with Opencomputers or Computercraft.

And I need to know how to print some basic text on the screen, without being able to see the 'run name'.

Im sorry for this question.

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I don't quite understand what you mean by 'run name'. But if you want to print text to the screen its pretty easy.

In the shell type( no quotes ): 'edit test.lua'

This will open a new file name 'test.lua' to write your basic program. Inside...

-- # this is a comment, not code.
print( "Hello world!" )

-- # press ctrl+s to save. then press ctrl+w to exit the edit program.

You should be back in the OpenOS shell now. Type( no quotes ): 'test.lua' to run your program.

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