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How to run string as a program(EEPROM)


I am building an OS and i am not going to use the filesystem library.  I am going to write my own filesystem for unmanaged drives.  To boot i need to be able to run programs.  The default libraries will not support my custom filesystem how can i run programs?

Is is possible to compile and run a string as a program using EEPROM accessible  libraries?

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load is a function that's a part of the Lua standard library. This means that you can use it even in EEPROM programs.

The signature of the function is load(chunk[, chunkname[, mode[, env]]]).

  • The first argument is either a string of code you want to run, or an iterator function that returns a Lua code.
  • The second argument is the name of the chunk. It's used for error messages.
  • The third argument is the mode: either "bt" (both binary and text), "t" (text), and "b" (binary). In standard Lua implementations, "b" mode is used to load pre-compiled code returned by string.dump. In OpenComputers, however, this feature is disabled by default for security reasons.
  • The fourth argument is the environment to run the code with. The environment is a table that contains some values that can be used in the code. If you make {hello=function(name) print("Hello, " .. tostring(name) .. "!") end} the environment, the hello function can be called from within the code: load("hello('world')", nil, nil, {hello=function(name) print("Hello, " .. tostring(name) .. "!") end}) prints "Hello, world!" when run.

load doesn't run the code. It checks it for syntax errors, and returns a function that, when called, runs the code. Here's an example.

  local x = math.sin(45 / 180 * math.pi)
  print("The sine of 45° is " .. x)

--> Hello
--> The sine of 45° is 0.70710678118655

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