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I'm playing MC 1.7.2  on a Windows 7 system. I have had Forge version 1112 but have had to roll it back to 1092 to support Thaumcraft.


I have only currently built a robot and its supporting systems so far. When I power it up and turn it on, the console remains blank.


Is it possible that the term is not loading for some reason? How do I check?


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Following advice from the Minecraft forum:



Nevermind, the dev versions are ( almost ) stable now, go and grab yours.

I suppose I should be happy. After updating to the dev version (MC1.7.2- I am at least now getting an error message:

Unrecoverable error: init:69:  boot/02_io.lua:2:  module 'term' not found: ?no field package.preload['term'] ?not enough memory



And it turns itself off


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