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An Unofficial (or Official) Lua Tutorial for OpenComputers

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Hello everyone, I want to share with you an idea I thought of and have started acting upon. A Lua Tutorial for OpenComputers, I was wondering two things.

  1. Does anyone think this is a good idea?
  2. Would anyone be interested in helping me?

This is of course an open discussion, so please, feel free to respond.

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Hi jhagrid!


There are a lot good introductions in Lua: https://www.lua.org/pil/p1.html


But is this really fun? :)


What do you think about an OpenComputers/Lua based live stream at Twitch programming:




We could use my Linux streaming infrastructure. I can synchronously stream to YouTube or record the stream. If things go well, we have automatically a video tutorial or can cut one.


We have to try it first and gain experience. It will certainly take time until we are good. But it would be fun, I think. :)



EDIT: Nevertheless, writing your own tutorial is a great idea. Go on with it! 

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