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3d printer - how to find fluid textures?

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Hello all,


I'm new to the 3d printer.  I want to create some shapes with textures that comes from fluids... Specifically:


1. Molten Enderium (Tinker's Construct)

2. Matter Plasma (Matter Overdrive)

3. Seared Stone (Tinker's Construct)

4. Resonant Ender (Thermal Foundation)


Basically, I'm looking for textures that shimmer.  I cannot seem to identify those textures.  


The closest I can get is using the water, lava, and portal texture (see below). 


Have you found any way of getting at fluid textures I listed above?  or something similar?  Any help would be appreciated.


  label = "Circle portal bottom",

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As a general rule of thumb, the name of a texture is modid + ":" + blockName


And after a bit of searching, I believe the fluids you're looking for have the following texture names:



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