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How to export items from ME network

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here is an easy way to export items from the applied energistics 2 network into a chest or other inventory.


First you need to connect an adapter to an ae2 interface block and the inventory where to you want to export on the same interface block.

(see picture)


Then it's easy to handle the export over the interface.

local component = require("component")
local meInterface = component.me_interface 
local ser = require("serialization")

local selection = "minecraft:dirt"			-- The item to export
local amount = 10					-- Max 64 (1 stack)

local directionChest = "UP"				-- Where the chest is connected to the interface

local fp = {}                                           -- Table for the fingerprint
local itemList = meInterface.getAvailableItems()	-- Get a list of all items in me-network

for number,item in pairs(itemList) do			-- Go over the list of items
  if item.fingerprint.id == selection then		-- Selected item found
    fp = item.fingerprint				-- Set the fingerprint
    break						-- Stop the loop

print("Exporting " .. amount .. " of " .. selection .. " to chest (" .. directionChest .. ")")
meInterface.exportItem(fp, directionChest, amount, 0)	-- Export items

Have fun



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