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Found 2 results

  1. adamzach

    How to move text?

    Hi guys, can I somehow position text (for example text generated by print) on the screen? Move it into the bottom right corner, or any position on the screen.
  2. I am having issues with a text API that I am writing and am looking for input from more experienced coders. The problem I am currently facing is with my centering method. If be used to center text to the full screen width it works great, if I am trying to center text in a smaller portion of the screen that is offset towards either edge, it fails miserably. API-in-progress below: --[[ Text utilities API by jaspercayne A collection of functions to work with text ]]-- local textTools = {} local component = require("component") local term = require("term") local text = require("text") local gpu = component.gpu local screenWidth, screenHeight = gpu.getResolution() -- Calculates appropriate amount of padding to center a string function textTools.centerText(target, fromx, tox) local calculatedPadding = ((fromx+tox)/2) + (string.len(target)/2) local centeredText = tostring(text.padLeft(target, calculatedPadding)) term.write(centeredText) end -- Aligns a string to the right of the screen function textTools.alignRight(target) local calculatedPadding = screenWidth -- string.len(target) local alignedText = tostring(text.padLeft(target, calculatedPadding)) term.write(alignedText) end -- Wraps a given string to the width of the screen function textTools.wrapToScreen(target) local wrappedText = tostring(text.wrap(target,string.len(target),screenWidth)) term.write(wrappedText) end return textTools I am certain that the main issue is from trying to pull the absolute x,y coords and derive a center point from that, but my brain just isn't putting together what the centerText function should look like... Help? Anyone?
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