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Found 2 results

  1. I have tried for a long time to figure out a way to read a NBT Tag from Lua but all it says when I hit enter is 'nil "0"'. For example: In reactorcraft, you can make toroid magnets, and for some reason unlike other blocks in reactorcraft, you cannot read the tank levels. So, you must get the NBT data. I looked in the mod files and found the tags, but when I put the string into the function to get the NBT Tag, it says 'nil "unknown error"', meaning it knows that it is a recognized tag, becuase otherwise with a random string nothing happens. Please help me get this data from LUA!! Thanks, DMANisAWESOME
  2. Hello, I'm trying to use Open Computer to monitor other mods working status. The ideal target is, showing change rate of water amount in a tank in Open Computer screen, and dump it into .csv file to do further research using external software. Since there are many type of data to collect, so directly read NBT data may be a good approach. So I started to write an add-on. But facing problems: 1. How to return complex data (which lua would regard as a nesting table) in a callback function? The example (https://github.com/MightyPirates/OpenComputers/blob/master-MC1.7.10/src/main/java/li/cil/oc/api/README.md) only return a string. 2. I tried the example in development environment. However, the analyzer do show the name of component but not address. And the computer can not invoke the component. After compile the code into jar file and use in a normal minecraft environment, it works. I've also tried another add-on OpenSecurity. And it can not work as source code nor jar (in eclipse/mods folder) in develop environment. Open Computer build-in component works well. Any help will be appreciated!
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