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Found 2 results

  1. Heavy Cat

    Logic Help

    I need help with something here is my code: local computer = require ("computer") Print("What's The Password?") local password = io.read() if password = 123 print("Password Accepted") end else print("Password Denied") os.sleep(2) computer.stop() The error is then expected near = what do i do? anywhere i could think of i tried putting 'then'
  2. Hello, I've found this mod a little while ago now and, while going to the next level, I noticed some inconsistencies 1.Platters from another dimensions All disks have platters, ranging from 2 to 6 and, while the getPlatterCount() function is completely useless (I'm not joking, except for quickly Identifying what was this function made for), The number it reports doesn't make sense, at least for the 4Mb drive. The 1Mb Drive uses 2 Platters, so 512Kb each - âœ”ï¸ Logical! The 2Mb Drive uses 4 Platters, so 512Kb each - âœ”ï¸ Logical too! The 4Mb Drive uses... 6 Platters? 666.666... Kb each? - ✖ï¸Makes NO sense 2.Sizes, capacities, and sizes of capacities The computer.getDeviceInfo() for drives reports: Capacity Clock Class Description Product ID Size Vendor Why are there two values for mostly the same thing? Size : The space taken by something Capacity : The space that can be taken inside of a container This would make sense, if the Size was actually bigger than the capacity! Size of a 1Mb drive : 1048576 Bytes = 1024 Kb Capacity of a 1Mb drive : 1073741 Bytes = 1048,57 Kb?! But what's crazier is that the drive command getCapacity() does not return the "Capacity", but the "Size" of the drive! 3.Firing the manager I Think one of the worse thing about all of this is that the Unmanaged mode is so badly referenced on the wiki (There is no reference to it when you search 'component' on the wiki wiki as of now) and if you don't know that it's called "Drive" and not "Filesystem" or just Hard Drive, You have to go to the filesystem component page and click on the drive component link to finally find how it works, and you just can't find how to switch the mode of a drive on the page (FYI: It's a right click, and doing it wipes the disk, and I just added it to the component page) or crawl trough the wall of text that is the block and item section. It's sad to see that this specific mode gets so little love. In conclusion, you've just read a text about someone talking about a highly useful but unused feature that gets too little love
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