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  1. jhagrid77

    Quarry Program

    Description: I would like a quarry that can be given variable sizes for: Length, Width, and Height. I would of course like it to return to original position when inventory is full and when it needs to be refueled (unless there is a way for it to burn planks and coal for fuel), and can switch between three tools depending on the block (I want to use this program to mine an area that has cobwebs, stone, obsidian, ores, planks, and logs if that information is needed). Function: To mine in a specified area. Features requested: 1. Variabl
  2. hello, I have been having some issues with creating a functional tree farm using a robot, and i was wondering if anyone was able to lend me a hand and help me try to work this out or create a program for me. i want it to place a sapling then detect when the tree has grown and start to remove the logs once it gets to the top place a sapling since there is no longer one there and wait for the tree to grow again. there is no need for it to remove all the leaves as i have a collection method in place already for this and large trees wont happen as i have blocks above it to prevent huge
  3. I want to automate the production of robots. Robot-builder is coming to assembler and runs the program: local robot = require("robot") local c = require("component") local ic = c.inventory_controller robot.select(1) ic.dropIntoSlot(3, 1, 1) robot.select(2) ic.dropIntoSlot(3, 5, 1) robot.select(3) ic.dropIntoSlot(3, 6, 1) robot.select(4) ic.dropIntoSlot(3, 4, 1) robot.select(5) ic.dropIntoSlot(3, 14, 1) robot.select(6) ic.dropIntoSlot(3, 17, 1) robot.select(7) ic.dropIntoSlot(3, 18, 1) robot.select(7) ic.dr
  4. In my Sky Factory 3 world, I would like to fully automate a farm for the Pam's Harvestcraft crops and trees. The problem became how to automate harvesting the nuts/fruits (since EnderIO and similar mods just break the trees). I didn't want to line an orchard with mechanical users, so I turned to OpenComputers after noticing I can program a robot to do it for me. I've spent the past few days trying to learn how to build/program a robot, and finally managed to harvest vanilla at all (by jamming a bunch of move and use commands in one .lua ). The next step was suppose to make it react to a r
  5. I'm trying to move items from inside my robot down into a TechReborn Matter Fabricator. It seems that the Block i would like to automate needs items but can only be manually put in. How would i have an infinite loop of all items in robots inventory always be dropped down into the machine? Thank you in advance.
  6. I was just looking in the wrong place. Please delete.
  7. I've just created my first OpenComputers robot, and instead of the robot's proper name in the label above it, I get what you see in the image. In fact, it's worse than that because the characters are constantly shifting randomly. I've tried renaming the robot on an anvil, using the `/bin/label` program to change the computer's label, but to no avail. Can anyone advise me on how to fix or just remove that label?
  8. Hello, I am attempting to create a program which will mimic the functionality of a bucket by placing the equivalent amount of fluid into the world from the internal tank of the robot. However, I am having an issue when attempting to do this within the program when importing the Robot API. The functionality I am attempting to achieve is possible using the lua console. When I use the "robot.fill()" command within the lua interpreter and the robot is not facing a block it places the fluid into the world without issue. I have attempted to reproduce this functionality using a program on t
  9. The robot dig program, when finished, goes back to start and tosses out all items. How to fix this?
  10. Hello. When I try to use robot.swing() at server it don't work, and return {nil, "block"}, but it works normal in singleplayer with same mods. I try give robots different tools and break different blocks, result doesn't change. OpenComputers-MC1.7.10- Forge Mod Loader version Thanks.
  11. Hello readers, I need some help whit my code so it can detect if the robot actually moved so it wont mess up its orginal route. I tried some stuff already but im learning lua and i cant figure out how to do this, Thanks! Mob pusher.txt
  12. CptTom


    I really search for this, and nothing, can someone show me one exemple of robot.move() function? i dont want use loops and ifs for my robot thanks and sorry for the bad english!
  13. I'm writing a program where the robot needs to use two tools (one to break the previous block, one to configure the new block after it's placed), but I can't seem to equip tools using code. I checked the documentation here, but I didn't see any functions that did what I needed. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  14. Hi!(again) My program for robot(flashed in eeprom) dont work and causes error i typed in topic title. Here is the code: robot = component.proxy(component.list("robot")()) rs = component.proxy(component.list("redstone")()) function getBatteryPercent () local percent = computer.energy() * 100 / computer.maxEnergy() return percent end function wait(seconds) local begin = os.time() repeat computer.pullSignal(0.05) until os.time() - begin >= seconds end while true do robot.turn(true) robot.turn(true) robot.move(1) while robot.compare() ~= true do robot.move(3) i
  15. so first time programming in lua so I'm trying to start with something simple but usefull my first pass at it http://pastebin.com/U391YknW here is a quick video of how far i have gotten thus far the video has gone wonky and i have no idea why =3=
  16. This thought came to my mind and well I would like to share it since I think its really useful suggestion. Here goes: by using 3d printer, you could enable the creation of custom shells for robot. Imagine personalizing the robots by their duties. A mining robot with the skin of cobblestone and farming robot would go with the appearance of tilled dirt or leaves for timber robot. I dont know how hard to make this but it would enhance the use of 3d printer for robots (perhaps drone to, not sure.) The assembler could have one more slot as shell/skin slot where you can insert 3d printed blo
  17. How to refuel a robot? I can't find any api about refuel it
  18. Heeeerrreee's Gangsiry! I've made a robot program to automatically harvest sugarcane. The program can be found at my github, or wget fetched. https://github.com/NoahNMorton/Gangsir_MC_LuaPrograms/blob/master/OpenComputers/SugarcaneHarvester.lua wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/NoahNMorton/Gangsir_MC_LuaPrograms/master/OpenComputers/SugarcaneHarvester.lua harvester.lua To set it up, place 2 columns of sugarcane right next to each other, and set the robot down on top of a chest or similar container on the right column. The robot uses the blocks under it to determine how far to go,
  19. Wanted a good subject to learn more about OpenComputer programming, this definitely worked. CompressCobble Uses a minimal Robot to continually compress Cobblestone, up to Octouple Compressed Cobblestone. Uses about 83 cobblestone per second, or 7.2 million per day. (If you want more, put four Robots around a Charger, each with its own cobblegen.) Stores over 225 Octouple Compressed Cobblestone internally before quitting. May optionally be put in chest above Robot for extend run time. Cheap in power, up to 3 RF per tick. A couple of Solar Panel Upgrades may be enough. You can us
  20. Hello I use on my server and client: "OpenComputers-MC1.8-" "forge-1.8-" or "forge-1.8-" In my program does not perform the function of "robot.turn ... ()". It does not work only on the server, if you test a program on a local world is OK. My program: local r = require("robot") local slot = 1 local xmax = 11 local ymax = 11 local x = 1 local y = 1 local turn = 0 r.select(slot) while true do if r.count(slot) == 0 then slot = slot + 1 if slot == r.inventorySize() + 1 then print("Koniec materiału!") os.e
  21. XCodersTeam going back to minecraft modding....... Now we made small mod that adds some useful robot components Embadded Tesseracts...[ThermalExpansion] Yes, we added upgrade for robot. It's Tesseract upgrade and Energy Tesseract Upgrade It's a Tesseract upgrade, it can be installed to Slot Tier 3 in robot When it installed, there is new component available component.tesseract It has some methods to allow you work with it. --Work with activate and frequncy component.tesseract.setFrequency(freq:number):boolean,string(failreason) -- Sets the frequency of Tesseract and activating
  22. Hello! I have trouble.. I want create file in floppy's folder, but OS says:"Not enough memory". But floppy is free! I have attached screenshot.
  23. First, I love the Mod. I use this mod to replace the CC variety because CC doesn't work well with my mod selections.OC is far better anyway. So I set out to learn LUA programming yesterday, and read lots of API's and looked at lots of code. I discovered that direct interaction with the robot means I need to be in the LUA prompt and to run the LUA scripts I make, I have to be in the shell.. this wasn't immediatly obvious and it took me a bot to figure that out. Once I got the jest of how a LUA program for OC is put together, i started my first program last night and I got something that
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