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Found 6 results

  1. Spoon

    Auto farm crops

    Description: I would like an auto potato farm, or an auto farm for most crops. Function: I would like the robot that I have built, to farm a 5x25 rectangle area, it hovers above the crops and mines it, then places the crops again in the soil and keeps the rest in its inventory until its full, or the crops need to grow back, then it sleeps to re-charge or wait for the crops to grow. Deadline: Not too worried about the deadline, im still trying to learn OpenComputers. Additional Information: Like stated above, im very new to this mod and would love to learn mo
  2. Hi! So, I've set up a tier one computer with all components and installed the OS. i have three monitorblocks as one 1 high and 3 wide screen. How would I do to have something like this: -STATIC TEXT- -sideways scrolling text- or if much easier, just the scrolling text. hugs and kisses
  3. Hello, I want a program for a 3x2 screen for monitoring power, input/output from a draconic energy core. I have 0 knowledge of programming. Any help/tutorials appreciated
  4. ajh657

    Command problem

    I have tried to make a program that uses Open Computers Refined Storage Driver mods command getItems(). But when im trying to print test when Local is test = rs.getItems. But then it returns "table: 0x41c2700" what im doing wrong Here is the code:
  5. Hello OpenComputerers, i need some help. I am a very beginner and I never did something with Opencomputers or Computercraft. And I need to know how to print some basic text on the screen, without being able to see the 'run name'. Im sorry for this question.
  6. Hey all, i'm a huge newbie at this and all of my lua programming knowledge is from computercraft, and very little knowledge at that. I am messing around with OC and am trying to make a program that displays the used space of the hard drive(s) that the computer(server in this case) is connected to for learning purposes, what i typed was. space = spaceUsed():number print ("Your used space in bytes is:", space) and it gives me /usedspace:2: function argument expected near 'print' when i try to run it. Im not sure if what im doing wrong, or even if that is valid lua.
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