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  1. Ahem, just noticed the aliases seem to be broken, after installing just run "edit -r /usr/lib/noteal/read.me" instead of "notehelp"!!!! And "/usr/lib/noteconf" instead of "noteconf" That bug is going to be fixed soon(before hl3 comes out) Cause when someones looking for an api he looks here first, i make dedicared, more developer oriented thread for it here! So NoteAL is a api which enables consistent Noteblock configuration across all supporting programs, and yours could be the next! Features: -Computronics iron-noteblock support! (i highly recommend you to use computronics!) -conig
  2. Basically, this API provides a single function: song.play(notes: table or string,shortest: number) Input being either a table or a string. Using a table, each note-duration combination is a string in a table value. The function will iterate through every entry of the table and play all the notes with their specified duration. Using a string, every note-duration combination is seperated by a free space " ". Regarding the special syntax used, this is copied from the header of the song API: Examples: "E5": Plays the note "E5" for the duration specified in the second parameter (default 0.1
  3. So, from what I am understanding this "should" work but I keep getting the the following error: attempt to index local 'test' (a function value) error. here is the "test" (main) file local test = require("testAPI") local term = require("term") term.write("This is NOT from the api!") test.fred("And this is!") And here is the "testAPI.lua" file: local term = require("term") function fred(text) term.write(text) end function george() term.write("should not see this unless george was called!") end and when I run it I get: /# test This is NOT from the API! /test:5: attempt to inde
  4. Hello! I'm trying to create an API and use it. My API File (button): function print() print("Hello from button!") end My File using the API (use): button = require("button") button.print() Yes the button is button.lua Error is: Attempt to index global 'button' a boolean value (a boolean value) Thanks for your time!
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