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  1. this is sick! this is probably one of the most useful editors for oc yet!
  2. I was wondering if whoever is working on the website could implement an option to edit the posts raw bb code, it would make life sooooo much easier, when trying to format posts I want to be able to change my bb code around on here https://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/1148-early-game-opencomputers-robots-script-pack/ but i cant take things outside of the [script] or [ SPOILER ] <--sorry it derped when i initally posted tags because they are forced onto the screen. I am also posting a poll on seeing who all else would like this feature.
  3. ========================================================================================== I will be editing this frequently, to do some tests, for formatting with new styles I am putting this pack together because i got annoyed at the fact that opencomputers seamed to be late mid to late game. So with this post, i am making some scripts to work with as little resources as possible for robots.I will also post a guide later, on how to create robots, if someone doesn't know yet.(for now ill just tell you)just put any tier computercase into an electronics assembler, and it will ask for some components to put inside it. Put the correct components in it, and then start crafting it. Depending on its complexity will govern its time to craft.If anyone would like to help with this then please contact me via teamspeak. teamspeak 3 ip: error22.com I will be updating this post with new content, so make sure to check back frequently!I will also be formating this post to make it look better. Anyways, atm all i have for this, is a REALLY quick tunnel script that i spent not even 2 mins typing, i will update this later with something that works with a chest placed behind the robots starting point. ========================================================================================== Anyways, i will list some code here you can toss into early build computers. Soon, i will give some different robots that you can craft with their resource costs, that will work with these scripts! LINKS scripts (until i make an installer for it, you will have to install it yourself) Tunnel(a temporary code that works like computercraft turtle's tunnel) http://pastebin.com/pH4yitjY pastebin get pH4yitjY tunnel usage: tunnel <distance> Current robot setup tested with: This will be changed, but here is a list of the resources used (for this testing version) 1x t2 case 1x inventory controller 1x inventory upgrade 1x t1 screen 1x keyboard 1x disk drive 1x graphics card 1x t1 processor 1x t1 memory 1x t1 hard drive 1x lua bios
  4. Hello everyone, i noticed when i made this code, i couldnt find something like it on the forums, so i decided to post a copy of the code here! With this you can copy your entire project over from github to your computer, it saves on time by a LOT! and it makes it so you dont have to rely on the latency of typing the code out on servers, also it makes it so you can use your favorite ide, EX: Sublime text happy scripting! --[[ By: rater193 Enjoy the script! ]] --CONFIGURATION local CONFIG = {} CONFIG.GIT = {} CONFIG.GIT.NAME = "rater193" CONFIG.GIT.REPO = "OpenComputers-1.7.10-Base-Monitor" local shell = require("shell") local internet = require("internet") local data = require("component").data local fs = require("filesystem") --downloading the json libs if they do not exsist shell.execute('mkdir /lib') shell.execute('wget -fq "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rater193/OpenComputers-1.7.10-Base-Monitor/master/lib/json.lua" "/lib/json.lua"') local json = require("json") --these are some functions for handling downloading data from http requests local function getStringFromResponce(responce) local ret = "" local resp = responce() while(resp~=nil) do ret = ret..tostring(resp) resp = responce() end return ret end local function getHTTPData(url) local ret = nil local request, responce = pcall(internet.request, url) if(request) then ret = getStringFromResponce(responce) end return ret end --this is a function for downloading a repository tree local function downloadTree(treedataurl, parentdir) --this is used to make it so you dont have to set the parent dir it will default to the root directory if(not parentdir) then parentdir = "" end local treedata = json.decode(getHTTPData(treedataurl)) for _, child in pairs(treedata.tree) do --os.sleep(0.1) local filename = parentdir.."/"..tostring(child.path) if(child.type=="tree") then --print("Downloading tree") print("Checking directory, "..tostring(filename)) downloadTree(child.url, filename) else shell.execute('rm -f "'..tostring(filename)..'"') --print("Installing file") --local repodata = data.decode64(json.decode(getHTTPData(child.url)).content) print("downloading "..filename) local repodata = getHTTPData("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/"..tostring(CONFIG.GIT.NAME).."/"..tostring(CONFIG.GIT.REPO).."/master/"..tostring(filename)) local file = fs.open(filename, "w") file:write(repodata) file:close() end end end --the data for the json api for the repository local data = getHTTPData("https://api.github.com/repos/"..tostring(CONFIG.GIT.NAME).."/"..tostring(CONFIG.GIT.REPO).."/git/refs") if(data) then print("Loading updates") --print("data: "..tostring(data)) git = json.decode(data)[1].object --[[ sha type url ]] --This is the version ID we are going to compare, to see if we are outdated! local newversion = git.sha --this is the repositories commit api url local gitcommit = git.url local commitdata = getHTTPData(gitcommit) if(commitdata) then print("Loading commit data") --print("commitdata: ", tostring(commitdata)) --print("length: ", tostring(string.len(commitdata))) local commitdatatree = json.decode(commitdata).tree --print("commitdatatree: ", tostring(commitdatatree)) downloadTree(commitdatatree.url) end --[[for _, v in pairs(git) do print(tostring(_), " = ", tostring(v)) end]] end print("Update complete! enjoy!")
  5. http://turtlescripts.com/project/gjdi0g-OpenComputers-Market-Port turtlescripts.com is a website that lets you manage and edit your project without having to be in a game to use. It is a powerful, and useful project management system. I made the port in hopes more people would use turtlescripts. enjoy!
  6. also, since you want to know how to use opencomputers, i am willing to teach you, i know both opencomputers, and computercraft really well, im usually on around 5:00 PM UTC-05:00
  7. this is awesome and everything, but can you please make a better compression algorithm for using less parts, so we can print higher detailed models, thanks!
  8. This server is awesome! btw, since the server has opencomputers, i will 3dprint you guys some custom decorative blocks, since few players if any on there even use opencomputers. im going to recommend this server to some of my freinds! keep up the great work!
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