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    * Coding. I take my Lua in large quantities
    * Linux stuff
    * MultiTheftAuto (mostly scripting, seldom playing)
    * various TV stuff (Steven Universe, My Little Pony, Gravity Falls, lots of anime, et cetera, Better Call Saul)
    * Infosec learning
    * Trying out stuff
    * Reading

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  1. I know the original author is no longer working on this, but for future reference: did anyone consider the architecture already in use by the Tekkit project?
  2. If it won't kill my PC, I'm interested.
  3. If OpenOS require is anything like standard Lua's, then you can force a reload for all future `require` calls by `table.remove`-ing the first entry in `package.loaders`. That is the one that queries `package.loaded`.
  4. The pacman-like syntax looks awesome, are you planning on implementing -Q -i -l and others as well?
  5. So, I know that true parallelization is not possible with Lua's coroutines, but I thought it would be fun to implement something like a server with multiple users. The basic idea is that the kernel runs coroutines according to priorities (just like in real life) and maybe "punishes" threads that take too long to yield (it runs them less often). This is all fine and dandy, but it would also be nice to run non-blocking threads while a thread is waiting on a blocking operation (events). That's where the problems arise. Waiting on pullSignal would blocks other theads, even with a timeout.
  6. name: raingloom age: 19 MC name: Rain_Gloom
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