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  1. HI, Is it possible to get the oredictionnary name of a item from inventory controler (or other). item from gregtech give label as "gt.metaitem.01" SuL++
  2. useful ! thanks ! I use lib to store saving in json. --data.lua local data={<serialized>} return data Im bit loafer to code a good way to do this otherwise )
  3. you mean : - place 3 wifi spot - robot calculate triangulation via signal force well... calculation is not for novice !
  4. me_controller.setConfiguration(<export bus side>,database.address,<position in database>) is only way.
  5. 'lo, first thank for this amasing mod... maybe, its a good idea to have a "special" cable ONLY for power and network. "switch" is not really usefull. this cable can be called "BNC" like the old type of network. thanks....
  6. 'Lo, my server dying !!! help me to keep it alive !!! all my players have leave to play LOL (killer of mc) I have a lot of mods (IC2, BC, RC, AE2rv1, OC etc) (but no "magic" one like botania, thauncraft) But, this server is yours !!! we can decide together which mods using (wide open) conditions : no massive PvP, full survival oriented no limitation or forbiden items, no mining world (quarry available anywhere and without limitation), water consumne, pumping anywhere, any liquid (include lava in nether too), no TP / gate / warp, respect of villager and neutral mobs (cow, chicken) [no iron farm, lot of chicken in a cube etc], ... my machine server is in a BIG datacenter (OVH France) and its a good machine : 3,5ghz 8Go, 100mbs if many player joinning, I can upgrade machine easyless. email : craftnarchie at free.fr (en or fr speaking) skype: foxzoolm no age limite but "mature". you are my last chance to don't close this server at end of year (2014). - Merged - oh, I "planning" another server who's trying to pay players (in IRL money) subsidy by francophile organisation. (you must make the promise to try learn french [even if false mmm]) OC is in list of mods. SuL++
  7. 'lo, name : foxzoolm mc name : foxzoolm age : 43y location : france I'm looking for co-op. I don't want play in my corner. the server must to be full survival, friendship, no-pay-to-win at all no arrassing notification, mobs actived, no mining world and quarry usable any where no items limitations (or forbiden like robot) [personnal RC cart-anchor MUST be possible], no pvp... a server who's trust player (no fk arrassing anti-grief plugin) no fk shop between player etc... but, server can buy or sell stuff (items, liquid) at mc cool price. to push players to make unuseful items like cookie, cake, bred etc... (not via sign but via ic2'like trad-o-mat, to be RC linkable) mods server must have : Ic2 exp, BC, RC, AE2rv1, Forestry mods server must don't have : all magic mods (thauncraft, botania etc) [except magic bee who I dont care] mods welcome: binnies, gravisuite, chisel, carpenter block etc if right, I can freely-give 10€/month to help server. [actually, I own a server like it. but no players...] I'm spe. Ic2. co-dev of customNPC (but not needed to be on server) I'm java dev in IRL (my work) I can help to make own plugin or mods. SyL
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