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Posts posted by bioscreeper

  1. b) You check if there is a phone in your pockets.
    There is a phone in your pockets, but when you turned it on,
    you realized it was on 1%.
    Do you:
    a) Try to find a charger somewhere
    b) Use a GPS service
    c) Send an SOS call
    d) Use it's torch to see if there are any other exits (remember, it has low battery and will not last long)


  2. 14 hours ago, cadergator10 said:

    Yeah. localhost can only be used if you are joining on the computer you are playing on. The 192.168.x.xxx is the ip that is used to connect on the LAN. A WAN IP is necessary to join a server over the internet, grabbable by searching My IP on google.

    Can you try to log in now? I set offline mode to false. Also, can you use a WAN IP to address a machine on your LAN network?

    (I am modestly sure that our WiFi and Cat5e/6 are on different vlans)

  3. 8 hours ago, RoboticCube said:

    I'm not gonna join the server, but you're missing key details:

    the versions of the mods


    the server IP

    I know: My network has sevre firewalling and vlan setups. it's hosted on a potato too, but if you get the latest mods, you SHOULD be fine, bu the mod versions used are listed in the original post now.

  4.   Has the mods: OpenComputers1.8.0+9833087, OpenSecurity-1.0-93, Railcraft 12.0.0, Computronics 1.6.6, Mekanism, industrialcraft-2-2.8.222-ex112.

    --Is currently down: I don't have a server anymore

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