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Posts posted by bioscreeper

  1. Ok... sounds like port forwarding... y dad works in government IT, and so has lots of firewalling and stuff.

  2. --IP address: aparrently                                                  

  3. 14 hours ago, cadergator10 said:

    Yeah. localhost can only be used if you are joining on the computer you are playing on. The 192.168.x.xxx is the ip that is used to connect on the LAN. A WAN IP is necessary to join a server over the internet, grabbable by searching My IP on google.

    Can you try to log in now? I set offline mode to false. Also, can you use a WAN IP to address a machine on your LAN network?

    (I am modestly sure that our WiFi and Cat5e/6 are on different vlans)

  4. 8 hours ago, RoboticCube said:

    I'm not gonna join the server, but you're missing key details:

    the versions of the mods


    the server IP

    I know: My network has sevre firewalling and vlan setups. it's hosted on a potato too, but if you get the latest mods, you SHOULD be fine, bu the mod versions used are listed in the original post now.

  5.   Has the mods: OpenComputers1.8.0+9833087, OpenSecurity-1.0-93, Railcraft 12.0.0, Computronics 1.6.6, Mekanism, industrialcraft-2-2.8.222-ex112.

    --IP address: aparrently                                                  

  6. Can we make the computer.lua file I believe to be responsible for the computer's details, availble in a folder?

    /minecraft/opencomputers, /minecraft/config/opencomputers/machine.lua, /minecraft/saves/opencomputers/state/machine.lua

  7. How about making the solar generator upgrade place-able? It could generate more power because it's surface is not limited to the small pixel it is with the upgrade version. However, I see it is a Tier 2 upgrade, so maybe it can't be used in drones/robots/microcontrollers. (It's power can't be used in containers with enough complexity for the upgrade)

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