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  1. 0.0 because I'm feeding reactor with deuterium and tritium and not mixed D-T fuel. That getFuel() is function for getting mixed D-T fuel. What I want is deuterium and tritium separated.
  2. Of course. That's why i listed all the functions i have avalible. Because i can't call that two functions because simply they're not there.
  3. Hello. So i set up Fusion Reactor from Mekanism. According to this site, i used some functions. After then i realised names of functions are different. List of functions i've got: canIgnite getCapacity getCaseHeat getEnergy getEnergyStored getFuel getIgnitionTemp getInjectionRate getMaxCaseHeat getMaxEnergy getMaxEnergyStored getMaxPlasmaHeat getOfferedEnergy getOutput getPlasmaHeat getProducing getSinkTier getSteam getStored getWater hasFuel isEnergyProvider isEnergyReceiver isIgnited setInjectionRate I wanted to get Deuterium and Tritium from the functions but there's no function like that. Can somebody help how to get Deuterium and Tritium values?
  4. thanx. so the main function is my program and the while true do part is restarting?
  5. Hello. Is it possible to run a program on Fuchas without ability to quit it? I want every player on the server to be able to use my program but not exiting it or do anything in OS.
  6. Hello. I'm planning set up server computer on which will run my program (simple game). I want every player on the server to be able to using program but without accessing OS or anything else (e.g. Ctrl+Alt+C interruption program). Do i need program my own OS or can i use already builded one? I didn't find any "security OS" that will have features i need.
  7. Pheggas

    Compare times

    Hello. I'm struggling with comparing times in Open Computers. Currently i have local Hour = os.date("%H") local Min = os.date("ˇ%M") local Sec = os.date("%S") while true do if (Hour, ":", Min, ":", Sec) == (Hour, ":", Min+15, ":", Sec) then print("anything here") end So first half of the if should be (eg.) 16:15:25 and the second half should be 16:30:25. But it's writting error that on line 5 (where is the if) and the error is: ")" expected near , So should i first write that times into local variables and after then i can compare the variables or what i must to do? The main project for which i want to do this is monitoring movement (using Radar) and when Radar detect any movement, it will enable redstone signal. When not, it will count 15 seconds and then it should turn off redstone signal.
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