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  1. Ninvel

    Blorcart Server

    sorry for the delay The popularity of English allows you to be on the server without knowing Spanish, but you won't be able to understand with some people, using a translation app is a good solution for these cases, in addition, the English has become a co-official language within the server
  2. Ninvel

    Blorcart Server

    we have made some small changes so that those who come to the server, the government is committed to technological development and for that reason, I offer you a season free of tax and English as a co-official language
  3. Ninvel

    Blorcart Server

    Hello, I am here to introduce you a roleplay server that includes this mod, this mod has a complex roleplay system with many professions, a democratic state, a police and thanks to some effects, soon there will be hospitals, why have I told you about this server? we need programmers and you could create a software company and an operating system and make a lot of money (inside the server) so you could create a big company, make money and live in a luxury apartment. Most of us speak Spanish but we are open to any language and we will try to communicate with you, although it would be great that if you know Spanish programs in Spanish, otherwise, you can hire someone who speaks very good English to translate the software, and do not worry, in Spain we understand English, but it will help you to sales. https://discord.gg/Q8nFg8G
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