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  1. So sorry. After reading the source for a while, I found that "setInterfacePatternInput" is not provided by OC. But other docs still can't be found, like "getHeat" of IC2 reactor. I'm using the latest GTNH mod pack, this strange function is not provided by AE2, OC, or Extra Cells, this confuses me. Where does this function come from?
  2. It seems that there're many mods supported by OC. By reading the source on Github, I found that OC supports AE2, IC2, Thaumcraft, and so on. However, I can't find the documentation on ocdoc.cli.li. And the only doc page I can find about is about AE2. This page is also not so accurate, for example, the function "component.me_interface.setInterfacePatternInput" is not in the page. Where can I find the usage of these integrations? How can I know which block is supported?
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