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  1. Think it would be much easier to give "trigger" messages to the other computers inside a table, like with maybe "message.block", "message.command", where message.block sets the computer that listens to this blockname and will run the command given in "message.command". like maybe: message ={ block = "reactor", command = "temp",} the listening computer at the reactor would listen for "if message.block == "reactor" and would get the info if message.command is == "temp", then it would create a new 'message-table' with the info inside to send back. I would go for something like this.
  2. you mean the output text? This is inside the brackets behind the "print" command. For example: print ("Current Heat :", heat) print ("Maximum Heat :", MaxHeat) print ("Current EU/t :", EUoutput) Is that what you mean?
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