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  1. Thanks!! It works perfectly now! It's a private server on good machine, so I don't matter the performance.
  2. Hi, I have issue with bundled cable, my program is 32ch redstone switch (2 bundled cables on output), that switches bundled channel or all, which I specify with argument, on state ON/OFF (also specify with argument) (- input format is in bitcode (1011110) number position specify the channel number, and 1 or 0 specify the channel state, or for all channels "rset all on/off") Program works great on single channel switching, but when I want switch multiple channels, it takes time (about 10 seconds if I want switch all). It only happens if there is state change on specific channel (0 > 1, 1 > 0), if there isn't change (0 > 0, 1 > 1), program passes throught this channel fast. I tried to disconnect end device, but nothing happened. Video on one drive Program on pastebin Sorry for possible grammar mistakes, I'm Czech.
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