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  1. A 220 to 12V step-down transformer. Is it possible to boost the voltage by connecting 220V to the 12V end? Can it be boosted to 4000V? Wouldn't the transformer be easily damaged if it could?
  2. CR1632, the capacity is 120MAH. If two batteries are connected in series with 6V, and the discharge current is 20MA, how long will the battery last?
  3. Can OPA2604AP directly substitute for D2822N?
  4. I use MQ-2 smoke sensor plus an adc0832 chip and microcontroller to make a smoke alarm, but how to set its alarm value, for example, if it is temperature, it will alarm when it is set to 80 degrees Celsius, and how to set the smoke concentration?
  5. What do F, P, G, V mean on the PCB board?
  6. What is fiber Can optical fiber be used to measure length? Or measure displacement? What is the principle?
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