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    BomberPlayz got a reaction from matejB in PlotOS - What started as a small test, is now a big project!   
    What started as a small test, is now a big project!
    How it all started
    It all started by me being bored in 2019, and trying to make a small OS. I had been always amazed by MineOS, Fuchas, and all the other great OSes out there! At first, I have tried making something that can just boot. After half a hour, it booted! But, it didn't do anything, it just waited for events, and displayed them. Then, I decided that it wasn't enough for me! So, I started making an actual shell. I have decided to copy as little as possible from OpenOS, and make my own of almost everything! After the very primitive shell was done, I had forgot about the OS, for two years, until now! Since the last 2-3 weeks, me, and one of my friends have started working on it again. And that is when the GUI, double buffering, driver system, process system was born. And now, here I am publishing a really, really alpha version!
    Legend: Done In progress Todo Usable
    Process system
    Boot screen
    Image format
    GUI task manager
    Debug library
    Better kernel logging
    Serialization library

    Currently, there is no installer. But you can download the source from GitHub.
    (re-posted because last post didn't get approved for some reason.)
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