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  1. I removed brackets near function name in timer and it started working. But i'm 100% sure that i tried it before and it didn't work.
  2. Trying to run this and getting this am i dumb?
  3. I'd recommend using the sides module. Here's what should change: local component=require("component") --references all connected components local r=component.redstone --Choose redstone from components list local gpu=component.gpu --Choose gpu from components local term=require("term") --References terminal commands +local sides=require("sides") --Sides by name, not number ---- config section local password="1234" local delay=5 --time the door stays open -local side=5 --side of the door, test this +local side=sides.east --side of the door, get it from F3. -----
  4. It gives you 1 second of 400hz beep, then 800hz and 600hz for 1 second total.
  5. Is 1.12 okay? I'm forced to use it because of all the mods that use it.
  6. I think my RAID is full, how can I check?
  7. Just tested (Edgium Canary on Windows 10) and works completely fine. Edgium = edge + chromium
  8. I had this problem too, and solved it with a temporary PC with the loot disk payonel mentioned, and a hard drive. Apart from memory+APU+screen+keyboard, that's it. I booted the PC off the floppy disk, and made a note of the hard disk's ID, than ran 'install'. Then 'shutdown' for an obvious reason. Now, take everything out of your computer, if you wish. Put the newly flashed hard drive in the server, and start it (should succeed). I actually flashed two drives, the other was Plan9k, using this method.
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