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  1. Actually even using ccDHD cause the stargate to immediately close once the wormhole is open. Only SGCX is able to dial correctly without issues even with the other programs connected to the gate. The problem arise only when it's another program try to use the gate when SGCX is connected to it. But if I disconnect SGCX from the gate, all other programs works well together (ccDHD, nexDHD, StargateControl (by Bysokar)). That's why I guess something wrong inside SGCX only. Otherwise the problem would appear between the other programs too which is not the case. I made sure that
  2. Another suggestion is to manually dial a gate without having to register it in the address group.
  3. I get the same issue even if the chunk is loaded on remote side. Dialing is fine, wormhole is established and then 1sec later the gate close itself. So I'm definitely thinking it's not a SGCraft fault since I can use nexDHD without that problem. And I can replicate the bug 100% of the time, it's not random. *** EDIT *** Ok after some more test it seem that your program is interfering with other program that are connected to the same stargate. I wonder why since I was using nexDHD and ccDHD without any problem. But as soon as your program is managing the stargate it pre
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