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  1. Were both of the devices microcontrollers?
  2. The problem is that the robot has set the hard drive as the default boot address. The only way to change this is to either, remove the hard drive (which you can't do since this is a robot and not a computer) or to use computer.setBootAddress([address:string]) (which you have to actually be able to start the robot in order to do). I'd say your best bet for ever recovering that robot is to just put it in a disassembler and hope that you don't lose any of the important components. Then you can fix the hard drive using a normal computer or just replace it before assembling the robot again.
  3. Yes, and I have gotten it to work with normal computers just not with microcontrollers
  4. I am currently working on a project using microcontrollers and need to be able to turn them on remotely using the setWakeMessage function though i seem to be doing something wrong. Microcontroller1: local modem = component.proxy(component.list("modem")()) modem.broadcast(1,"start") Microcontroller2: local modem = component.proxy(component.list("modem")()) modem.open(1) modem.setWakeMessage("start") Both of the microcontrollers have a tier 2 wireless network card and the one that is supposed to turn on (Microcontroller2) has of course been turned on previously so the port and the wake message should be set but it still doesn't turn on. Edit: If one of the devices is a computer and instead of a microcontroller it works perfectly fine. It just seems to not work when a microcontroller is sending the message AND a microcontroller is receiving the message.
  5. When i try to use the texture picker it often gives me textures that are clearly wrong. It also doesn't seem to care which side of the block i'm clicking. For example, if i click the top of a sandstone block i should get something like minecraft:blocks/sandstone_top but regardless of which side of the block i click it always says minecraft:blocks/sandstone_normal which if i'm understanding it correctly is wrong. Also every opencomputers block that it try to use it on seems to always return opencomputers:blocks/generic_top. At first i thought it was a optifine bug but it still happens even with no other mods installed.
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