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  1. My objective with this it to make the robot very efficient, even tho I did not go on in making it mine
  2. Thank you, I tried to make easy to understand, but at the end of the day, it's about statistics, applied to geolyzer
  3. Due to quarantine, I got a bunch of time in my hands, I remember that since I first used this mod, back in MC 1.7 we had this phrase on Geolyzer description "It is theoretically possible to eliminate this noise by scanning repeatedly and finding an average. (Unconfirmed, needs further testing.)" Now, many years later, i do know quite some about statistics and got plenty of time So, lets begin We begin our dive in Statistics with an hypothesis, Does this number measured relate to an ore or stone, putting it in hardness terms, does the true number of hardness equal to
  4. I have this program, I am trying to use a pairing function(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pairing_function) so I can have a unique number attached to a x,y,z triplet <<x,y>z>, tried doing it via table[x][y][z] not enough memory But for some reason after x=17 it stops, not the loop stops, the whole program shutdown as it had finished, but it should have printed "works" at the end No error given I would really appreciate any help Ps: I tested it on Lua IDE on windows, it works. I have no idea whats happening pairing.lua
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