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  1. Okay i have it now. The script shows like this now: local component=require("component") local component=require("component") local os=require("os") local term=require("term") local gpu=component.gpu local aw = require("adWrite") local INV1 = component.proxy(component.get("6d4ec642")) local INV2 = component.proxy(component.get("32cea986")) local INV3 = component.proxy(component.get("703dad1e")) local INV4 = component.proxy(component.get("a75045ea")) local INV5 = component.proxy(component.get("29aa1a01")) local INV6 = component.proxy(component.get("38c6659a")) local color = { gree
  2. Greetings dear oc community. I have a big problem. I have from applied energistics 2 a me network with 6 me drives cases and per case i have 10 cells. I want them to show me stats from the cells on a computer screen, such like used bytes, stored items in the cell (but not what is exactly in the cell). I have wrote an script that are working, but i want the list to be colorful. This is my script local component=require("component") local component=require("component") local os=require("os") local term=require("term") local gpu=component.gpu local aw =
  3. But now the script errored after the uranium is depleted
  4. Okay i thank you very much CptMercury it works completly^^.
  5. Ok i have test it and it works but i don't see the damage and maxdamage of each fuel rod.
  6. So i have it now but if i execute the script he says me this error: And the script looks now: local component = require("component") local computer = require("computer") local term = require("term") local aw = require("adWrite") local ic = component.inventory_controller local gp = component.proxy(component.get("6fa6e9ed")) local rc = component.proxy(component.get("c3f546da")) local tr = component.proxy(component.get("7621f0f8")) local rslamps = component.proxy(component.get("61d91131")) local rsreactor = component.proxy(compone
  7. yes but im test it self with the code you have give me
  8. Yeah i plan to display alle the data and a automatic shutdown for the reactor if his heat to high and the screen should display the current states: "Reactor is running", "Reactor has very high temperature", "WARNING MELTDOWN!" But i plan to display the other components such like this: XXOXXXOXX WWXWWWXWW XXUXXXUXX XXUXXXUXX WWXWWWXWW XXOXXXOXX X = Overclocked Heat Vent W = Component Heat Exchanger U = Quad Fuel Rod (Uranium) O = Component Heat Vent Only in this display the Components: X, W and U should be colored in the state of there damage.
  9. Ok its work now but the damage numbers are not colored. It should be look like this
  10. Okay i have test it but it wont work! In order to inform you The BS1S stands for the space after the "1:" and of course the BS2S for the space after "2:" in the aw.write(.....) thing. And i have send you the original reactor.lua file that ive made at first. reactor.lua
  11. Yeah ok thanks CptMercury i test it later and can you give the original first script, but later because im not at home
  12. Ok thanks i dont habe see this wirh the function i test iz later if i back at home. And yeah i know but its look for me better if i call the component directly over his address. But thanks for the other solution i keep it in mind.
  13. Okay if i want to start the script he says me "/lib/process.lua:52: /home/reactor.lua:72: ')' expected near ',':"
  14. Ok i have a see a mistake from you with the operation to get the percentage if i use this i get always a percentage of 0..... because the damage is never over the maxDamage so i cant do "dmg / maxdmg" i can use only "dmg * 100 / maxdmg" ^^
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