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  1. It is not much at the moment, I'll probably end splitting it up into parts as it grows. It does base itself off of Dustypuppy's UltimateUI, but I wanted more control over aspects such as colour of parts. Also wanted to learn how to go about it making UI elements for OpenComputers. .pastebin get F6QizsVD /lib/NewUI.lua can really call the file anything, just needs to be in the /lib folder It should at least let people layer UIs on top of each other, no way to currently re-order them at the moment though. Things it currently available: Progressbar Label Things that will
  2. Darn it, I just started using the one from 2016 just to find this XD Good thing I put my code into it's own library as a safety measure and now happy I did Edit: Can't seem to get a window to even show up, even with using the program_frame.lua.
  3. Have to admit the GUI editor and the GUI library are really handy. Was able to toss together a script that displays my bases power levels fairly quickly. My only real issue with the GUI Editor is the overwriting of code a person makes if they change the GUI later on using the editor. I overcame the issue though by doing a work around for it, just wrote my own library that requires the GUI one and do all my edits to the values/text of my UI in my library. All I have to do is pass the guiID, a progressbarID, labelID and address of the components I wish get my info from.
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