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  1. Hello fellas, I've got some Question and an Error in the Github Documentation under "Extending" (Github documentation). 1. The "dev JAR from the build server" isn't available; Error 404 Where can I get the File from? Do I really need it to develop something compatible with OC? 2. Where is "eclipse/mods"? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey, i'm new here and a programming noob but I would like to process touch-events from the monitor and WirelessRedstone input signals in parallel for my program. My question is, how this can be implemented technically. The touch event is currently: while true do local component = require("component") local rs = component.redstone local gpu = component.gpu local colors = require("colors") local event = require("event") local id , _, x, y = event.pull("touch") if id == "touch" and x == 97 and y == 2 then --1 term.setCursor(1,49) term.clearLine() print("Verbindungen: 1-&
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