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    Daraketh got a reaction from Krutoy242 in Applied Energistics 2 using OC as an advanced import/export system   
    UPDATE: I finally got a test program working. See post below if interested. Going to leave this here as I make changes/improve the functionality, any pointers or suggestions are still more then welcome!



      My friend and I are trying to get our OC computer to move items from an Applied Energistics 2 ME system into a chest (by any means)



      I would like functionality that allows me to transfer items from my ME system into a chest, either through the export bus, or directly through a controller (if possible), or even using a robot, literally any means is great.



      No deadline, would mostly just love some help.


    Additional Information:

      We've made preliminary attempts with ExportIntoSlot and various other methods on both the ME controller and the ME export bus. We've been using the github appeng intergration code as a reference from HERE to try achieve this, but have only had problems thus far. The greatest success so far is getting an export bus to return false with exportBus.exportIntoSlot(i,1) returning as false.


    I have previously managed to use a ComputerCraft turtle to do exactly this (I think using openPeripheral?), though this was with Applied Energistics 1.


    Thank you in advance!


    PS: If anyone is interested in having a crack, I can link some resources we've found that supposedly work, but none of the example code (or our various modifications to said example code) has worked thus far. I admit we're probably doing it wrong, any insight is great.


    PPS: Decided to include them anyways, see below if you're interested.





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