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  1. I was wondering if any one could help me make a GUI for my production programs, i currently have 8 different programs to do everything but i would like to change it so that i can just click a button to run any of the programs instead of having to type the name. I have found out about button API and that i will need one. I went for the D20 OC port but couldn't figure out how to make the GUI myself. What it comes down to is that I would like to setup a GUI with 8 buttons that each check if number is 0 then have the button activated if number is anything other than 0 i want the button to deactivated. On button click i want it to run my program that will begin production of iron, click the button again to turn off the production.
  2. So i want to create a program that will apply a redstone current to some block wirelessly, if possible with opencomputers or any other "mod in all the mods lite". What im trying to do is activate machines wirelessly by running a program for instance i would like to turn on the yellow redstone or the red redstone lamp with a simple program. (check screenshot what i mean with the colors) If this is not possible let me know or if you have another way of approaching it, help would be greatly appreciated. I only started using the mod today cause i want to explore the mod, i do have a coding background (Java, JS, Python) i also have knowledge of linux and windows if that would help. If you guys need more information into what i am doing specifically, just ask.
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