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  1. aero

    issue with my code

    i modified the old geoglasses code to work with openglasses 2. the code is as follows: local com=require("component") local arg={...} local glass=com.glasses glass.removeAll() local geo=com.geolyzer local size=tonumber(arg[2]) or 16 local pl=tonumber(arg[1] or 3) local minpl = 2 local maxpl = 5 local maxY if (tonumber(arg[3]) or 0)==0 then maxY=1 else maxY=size end local function tocolor(pl) local color = (pl-minpl)/maxpl if color<0 then return {1,1,1} elseif color>1 then return {1,0,1} else return {color,1-color,0} end end function create(x,y,z,p) local a=component.glasses.addText3D() a.set3DPos(x,y,z) a.setColor(table.unpack(tocolor(p))) a.setText(p) end for x=-size,size do for z=-size,size do tile=geo.scan(x,z) os.sleep(0) for Y=-math.min(size,18),math.min(maxY,18) do local y=Y+32 if tile[y]>pl then create(x+0.5,Y+0.5,z+0.5,tile[y]) end end end end print("found objects:", glass.getObjectCount()) when i try to run it I get the error of tried to index components, geolyzer returned nill value. I have a geolyzer in both the tablet and glasses. What could be the problem?
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