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  1. In September of 2021 I started investigating what it would take to write a LuaPosix compatibility layer for the original ULOS. While it is indeed possible, ULOS's Cynosure kernel simply wasn't designed around that sort of API—it would at best have required a large amount of work and been difficult to accurately reproduce LuaPosix's behavior. There were also a few idiosyncrasies with the system as a whole, and it doesn't work on 256KB of memory, which is unfortunate. Cynosure 2 is my answer to this problem. Its features include, but are not limited to: - Fully pre-emptive multitas
  2. Is this still being worked on? If not, can you release the source code so others can work on it?
  3. Oh cool, how do I do that? `cd` didn’t seem to work.
  4. https://github.com/Ocawesome101/open-kernel-2 Open Kernel 2 is the successor to the original Open Kernel. It is completely rewritten, slightly stabler, has properly integrated multitasking, and is (partially) OpenOS compatible! It also has proper multi-user support, though no per-user file permissions so its benefits are limited. Build instructions are in the README of the linked repository.
  5. https://github.com/Ocawesome101/open-kernel This is a project I've had sitting around for a while, but never really finished. So, I've decided to post it here. Open Kernel is my first actually-usable OpenComputers operating system. It has its quirks, but is fairly stable and has a decent set of programs. Note that Open Kernel 1.0 is NOT OpenOS compatible. If someone would like to fork the project and continue it (fix multitasking, etc) that would be fine. An installer is linked in the README of the GItHub repo.
  6. Thank you! I guess I need to do better checking lol.
  7. I have made a second attempt at writing an OS, and it actually boots... but it refuses to recognize /apis/io.lua as existing - when I loadfile it, it just says '/sys/boot.lua:46: Attempt to call a nil value'. Also, I can't get it to display anything on the screen (I'm using OCEmu by gamax92, so maybe that's my problem). I have attached the entire filesystem as of now. (And before you ask, yes I know that /apis/graphics.lua is missing.) Filesystem: /init.lua /sys/boot.lua /apis/io.lua /apis/gpu.lua (unused) /apis/filesystem.lua init.lua boot.lua file
  8. The thing is... there is no error. There is only a black screen - nothing happens.
  9. Okay, so here's my problem. I am trying to make my own custom OS for OpenComputers. However, I am having issues with the GPU displaying on-screen. I have code that should, as far as I can tell, do what I need it to, but doesn't. How to reproduce: Download the attached .lua files, and put them on a floppy disk. Place init.lua in the root directory (of the floppy), and boot.lua in sys/boot/ (so the files on the floppy should be /init.lua and /sys/boot/boot.lua). Boot from the floppy, and you will see what I mean. If anyone can help me, or knows what I can change or look
  10. I use Linux Mint MATE on my MacBook and GalliumOS 3.0 on my Chromebook. I also have a raspberry pi BTW why is there a huge rectangle on your desktop background?
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