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  1. Ohhhh, okay. Thank you!
  2. The thing is... there is no error. There is only a black screen - nothing happens.
  3. Okay, so here's my problem. I am trying to make my own custom OS for OpenComputers. However, I am having issues with the GPU displaying on-screen. I have code that should, as far as I can tell, do what I need it to, but doesn't. How to reproduce: Download the attached .lua files, and put them on a floppy disk. Place init.lua in the root directory (of the floppy), and boot.lua in sys/boot/ (so the files on the floppy should be /init.lua and /sys/boot/boot.lua). Boot from the floppy, and you will see what I mean. If anyone can help me, or knows what I can change or look at, your help would be greatly appreciated Before you ask, I have already looked at the Wiki entries on Component, GPU, Screen, Writing Custom OSes, and that one forum post about 'Custom OSes under OpenComputers' Lua architecture'. I am probably a moderate to intermediate Lua programmer by now, and this code is the result of around an hour of work. Thanks in advance! boot.lua init.lua
  4. I use Linux Mint MATE on my MacBook and GalliumOS 3.0 on my Chromebook. I also have a raspberry pi BTW why is there a huge rectangle on your desktop background?
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