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  1. component.stargate.gateAddress. The wiki lacks some critical info xD Thanks for pointing that out lol
  2. The Aunis' Gate retransmits wireless OC messages. At least it should :p The required energy to dial is a pending suggestion on GitHub I think and getting dialed address is definitely possible on the initiating gate(Getting incoming wormhole address is not canonical).
  3. Hi, I'm trying to implement Environment on my TileEntity and all I'm getting without OpenComputers installed is java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: li/cil/oc/api/network/Environment Is there more modern way of handling this, as for .1.14 Optional is being removed? For ex. capabilities? The docs on the API are 6 years old...
  4. Hi, I'm having a hard time getting my mod to work with OpenComputers. I've followed the GitHub readme on SimpleComponent: @Override public String getComponentName() { return "base_block"; } @Callback @Optional.Method(modid = "OpenComputers") public Object[] greet(Context context, Arguments args) { return new Object[]{String.format("Hello, %s!", args.checkString(0))}; } Basically copied the code. And it's giving me this error: [00:51:57] [Client thread/WARN] [OpenComputers]: Failed injecting component logic into class mrjake.aunis.tileentity.StargateBaseTile. java.lang.Asse
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