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Posts posted by Hakz_Studios

  1. I have a question why type 3 ends? I am thinking one ends the loop,another ends the main function and the last ends the program. Am I right? And it gave me this error:/lib /process.lua:52: /home/autorun.lua:18: syntax error near ‘username’:

    stack traceback:

    |C|: in function ‘assert’

    /lib/process.lua:52: in function </lib/process.lua:35> 

    (...tail calls...)

    [C]: in function ‘xpcall’

    machine:791: in function ‘xpcall’

    /lib/process.lua:63: in function </lib/process.lua:59>


  2. I need help with my autorun.lua program It won’t take my If-then statements what am I doing wrong?

    (I am using Computronics)

    Here is the program

    — local require commands start

    local component= require (“component”)

    local sides = require(“sides”)

    local rs = component.redstone

    local event = require(“event”)

    local os = require(“os”)

    — local  require commands end

    — Main function start

    local function main()

    local username.message = event.pull(“chat_message”)

    —problematic loop start

    if (username = “Hakz_Studios” and message = “ Alice Refuel”) then




    local username,message = event.pull(“chat_message”)


    untill username= “Hakz_Studios” and message = “Stop Refueling”

    — restarting function

    function main()

    elseif username = “Hakz_Studios” and message = “Stop Refuel Systems”


    else function main()

    —problematic loop end 


    — main function end

    Sorry If I had many mistakes I just started Coding Today and Thanks in advance

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