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  1. It is the only thing that allowed my screens to update without being right clicked on. I removed and reinstalled OpenComputers and the issue was not resolved. I updated OpenOS on an existing computer that was already set up but it crashed the (in-game) computer. I had to update a fresh install of OpenOS on an empty drive and then reinstall BRGC. That the OpenOS that ships with the current version of OpenComputers must not be the latest OpenOS is the only thing I can think to explain the resolution and that the updated version of OpenOS that the updater installs fixes the issue. But you cannot update your existing install of BRGC or the (in-game) computer will crash. So... 1) Install OpenOS on a fresh or erased drive. 2) Download and run the Updater on that link I shared. 3) Download and run the BRGC installer. 4) Profit. Maybe I just like doing things the hard way or I didn't do something right but this method worked for me. I am only sharing my findings. :-)
  2. This fixed it for me. I guess when I updated OpenComputers that OpenOS didn't update. EDIT: Be certain to run this BEFORE installing BRGC or it will crash your (In-game) computer. @XyFreak BTW, I love this program. Immensely!
  3. I think I might be doing something wrong. My GUI never updates unless I click a tab at the top. I have the latest mod versions installed: Extreme Reactors: 1.12.2- OpenComputers: 1.12.2- Computronics: 1.12.1-1.6.5 Minecraft Forge: I have others but not sure you want an entire mod dump. I followed the installation and setup instructions to the letter, even made a new drive and did it again (I have no idea how to empty a drive so I just chuck them in the null and make a new one haha). I spun up the turbines and turned on the reactor, connected the reactor first so it could calibrate. The control rods were then stuck in to 99% and there it stays. Sorry if this is a lame excuse for a post but my skills with anything but a pickaxe in Minecraft are lacking, to put it lightly. so I hope you understand what I am explaining/asking. Regards!
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