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  1. First of all: Awesome! So if i get this right the tier 1 screens display chevrons and the tier 3 screens display the gate status? Is there a limitation for the number of small screens that can be added?
  2. i have a question about the security terminal: if i check isEnabled() it gives me true and getAllowedUsers() gives me just me. But everyone can break blocks within the Range of the securityterminal (Range is set to value 3). I am using a T3 screen, a T3 Computer with T3 CPU, T3 GPU, T3 HDD, 2x T3.5 RAM and T2 Redstonecard. Am I missing anything? OC MC1.12.2- OS MC1.12.2-1.0-22 Forge
  3. thx, for the quick fix! I think this program is very versatile due to its modular construction. You are not supporting doors and the SecurityBlock? I saw there is an option for a "Dark Theme". When i enable it it says "restart the program" but the design remains the same.
  4. I will talk to dockter. Thx for taking a look.
  5. Me again, Dockter (mod author) is updating his Stargate Network (a greg SGCraft Port for 1.12.2) mod to version 2.0.0 (currently alpha status, not released yet). I tested some new features and installed NexDHD. It works fine, but dialing is not possible. NexDHD states that it is dialing but nothing happens. Someone on the mod authors discord mentioned it may be because dockter changed the return value from "dialling" to "dialing" in version 2.0.0 OpenComputers SGCraft 2.0.0alpha6 (its called "Stargate Network" on Curse but 2.0.0 is not officially released y
  6. Is this Program still maintained? I came across some problems, when i add new components. It says: safeCall: /lib/gml.lua:1500: attempt to call method 'onChange' (a nil value) when i doubleklick a component.
  7. Awesome, great work! Thanks a lot!
  8. Me again, basically it works fine! Dialing home --> getting notification about iris status --> send IDC --> getting confirmation --> walk through But there is a little issue: When I used the GDO once, i have to restart nexDHD computer to be able to use it again. Using it without restarting the nexDHD computer neither gives a notifiation about iris status nor does it even receive the IDC and open the iris. nexDHD Version used is 2.12.3 Another thing yet to try: Will it work across dimensions? Or does this require linked cards instead of wireless cards?
  9. Thanks, i will test this...now :-) I saw that you uploaded some other Stuff to your GitHub thread. Are there other changes to await?
  10. I tested it again. There is no response on the tablet. Nonetheless the iris is opening when the right IDC is entered and stays closed if it's the wrong one. Computer and Tablet are both having a wireless Network Card T2. Both are using the default port 645. For me everything works fine, except for the missing response. OpenComputers SGCraft 1.20.3 (its called "Stargate Network" on Curse)
  11. Ist es eigentlich möglich oder vorgesehen, dass man beim tablet.lua einen response bekommt, wenn die Eingabe abgelehnt bzw. akzeptiert wird? ________________ edit: is it possible or intended that you get a response after sending the IDC from a tablet computer if the iris is deactivated or not? Next posting will be in english, however i am wondering why i am the first person being asked to write in english in this thread. Since others before me did post in german. _______________ editedit: payonel, i agree with you that posting in english is better for the community. I
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