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  1. Nice solution! Can you explain how did you do that?? I'm refering to the resizeable screen haha
  2. Thank you I'll give a try Curious and usefull explanation, thank you :)!
  3. so, how can I controll multiple screens with one computer??
  4. Im trying to develop a tankAPI to monitor my railcraft tanks. I want to put in the screen all tanks together so I need to create an ultra wide screen to show all but I don't know how to print graphics in the whole ultra wide screen As you can see in the picture, I can only display colors in that green area. Can someone help me? Thanks
  5. The computer is conected to a creative cell from thermal expansion. If you want, we can talk in a private chat to fix my problem. Or can you send me a construccion and a lua program to run the ticket machine? THX
  6. Hi, I'm trying to create a train station with railcraft and OC. I'm stuck with the ticket machine bcos I can't make a program to work with it. The last issue that I had was "not enought energy" when I tryed to print a ticket. Can anyone help me? THX
  7. Okay thanks. I'm going to test robot.use() in that new version and if I find new bugs I will post it here
  8. Sorry I tryed that in OC In works as we expect
  9. Try it and tell if it works but I think there is a bug. I tried the same comand (robot.use()) in opencomputers v1.7.2.67 and works perfectly but with the version doesn't work.
  10. yep robot.use(sides.bottom, true) and return false If I try this with a seed, works well but I don't know what is happening with the bucket...
  11. I have a robot with a water bucket in the tool slot and I want to place water under thr robot. Under the robot there is space to place water. I tryed robot.use(sides.down) robot.useDown() robot.swing(sides.down) robot.swingDwon() robot.place() ... but nothing happends, the function returns false every time and I don't know why. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  12. Many thanks, now works You will see me more in this forum haha
  13. I wrote this in my computer: (38d is my floppy I think, bcos I tried to run the ls comand whit the floppy and without it and 38d it's the number that appear and disappear) /mnt # cp main.lua /38d/test.lua (And the computer didn't show an error so okay) Then I went to my robot with the floppy and I wrote this /mnt # cp /38d/test.lua testfloppy.lua And the robot said: No such file or directory What am I doing wrong?
  14. Hi, I'm new in this mod. I'm trying to program robots but the editor it's very small and I prefer to develop my programs in a computer with the shedit editor. I know that there is a way to copy the programs that I've deloped into a floppydisk and then copy that program from the floppydisk to my robot but I tried a few comands and I can't do that. What comands should I use? What tipe of floppydisk I need to use? Thanks
  15. Thankyou so much. Now it's working. Do you continue improving this "pluging" or you abandoned it? PD: Nice job with this
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