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  1. Okey, I am trying that solution for now but I think you are right about my desing. It is bad, just it, so I will change it. Would you recomend some big desing to work perfect with the controller? I'm sorry, I dont know If I should ask that kind of question to you, if not just let me know. Anyway I will try to solve it first to give you info. Thank you so much.
  2. Hi man, you are fast...holy... I tried (1) : I took my hard disk, threw it to the void and then made a new one. I come up it would not work so then I tried (3). I never tried (2). Could be possible that (1) messed up everything? I can unistall the mod and intall it again, or just delete some folder that you let me know.
  3. Hi again @XyFreak I hope to not be bothering you with my questions , this one is not long though. I was upgrading the same reactor that I show you, making it 12 blocks tall counting the casing (10 blocks tall just of fuel rods). I just want to know if the controller should keep the reactor at the optimal producing level, because it is actually not doing it. It is connected to the same Induction Matrix, there is just 320 RF/t average consumption, and the only thing that I changed was the coolant, what is now "Vapor of levity" rather than "Cryotheum", because technically it is 5ºC better than the "Cryotheum". As my last thing to say , there is a thing that standed me out, what it is the optimal producing level. Making the reactor so much taller than the other one, it is just 1KRF/t higher now, (it is just surprising me, I have no idea how The Controller makes the calculation of that internally though). Thank you so much, especially because you keep solving questions after years of the release of the program. Here some screenshots of that :
  4. Man, thanks you so much for that fast info. Now everything got sense . I didnt even know I could see more GUI pressing bars. Again, hope to see future programs
  5. Thank you so much for that fast answer @XyFreak. I will give more info and try to show you with some screenshots what happen when I try to turn off my reactor via the GUI. It is a pasive reactor whose core is 9x9 square (13x13 with casing), 3 blocks tall. I have 2 Redstone Flux Port on it and both conected to two Induction Matrix from Mekanism, and those are conected to the computer through adapters. The computer is completely tier 3 with a 5x5 screen tier 3 too. When I ran the program for the first time (parameters by default), calibration mode started and everything went well. It finished and then, the reactor turned on, it started to produce RF until reach the optimal rate (0 wight at this moment, just charging Matrixes). In that moment I tried to turn it off and then ,I went to the reactor to check it, and what I saw, it was the reactor full working (100% Temperature, 0% rods insertion). I have tried to make it all in a new computer but the result have been the same unfortunaly. Those are some screenshots about it: (Read it top to bottom, left to right, middle picture is what happen when "ON/OFF" is red after have been active) https://gyazo.com/e56e390c379769e29ec3b91ea54f690c Thanks you so much.
  6. Hi @XyFreak I installed your program recently and I think there is a bug or something on it. When I press the "On/Off" buttom to turn On/Off the reactor, it doesnt work. When I try to put it off it goes for max energy out-put (O% rod inserted). I dont know if this is normal or not because I dont simply understand how the new UI works. I dont know how Charge mode works to be hones and I cant find info about it. Thanks you so much, thanks for the controller, hope see future programs. Pd: Sorry about my english, it is not my native language.
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