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  1. Hi how to disable Finding? On czech keyboard, [] and {} is wroten with Alt + BN and Alt FG, and with shedit it triggers search. On the normal edit, you could remove the key binding in /etc/edit.cfg
  2. hello. i have password lock on my computer and i want to run it automaticaly. i looked to internet and i find some about autorun.lua file (HERE) and i create the file, edit /autorun.lua and writed this to it : os.execute(/home/door) (i have file named "door") i save it and reboot the OS and for 0.3second there is some red text and after it it goes normaly to /home/ menu i edited the code to os.execute(/home/door.lua) and there is still the same red text and it goes again to /home menu. what i am doing wrong ? edit: i recorded the error and slowed down it in sony vegas and loo
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