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  1. I need some help, My reactor isnt calibrating. Its stuck on calibrating for like an hour now. OC Version: MC1. BigReactors Version: 0.4.3A
  2. I am using OpenOS 1.7.2 on MC version 1.7.10 and took the latest version from your website. So i dont know whats going wrong
  3. Ah yeah i forgot to put my computer in charge mode ty. But i still have that error sometimes
  4. And i got a new issue. My reactor is giving 2k mb/t and i need 5.6k mb/t its giving that amount if the turbines are in kickoff mode then they get suspended and stop working any fix?
  5. I got a full tier 3 computer with a 6x8 screen (tier 3) CPU is in LUA 5.2 because the turbine system wont work with lua 5.3
  6. I am getting this error when i try to run brgc_gui. My reactor/turbines are working fine with the program. is there a fix?
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