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  1. It's been a while since I posted this here! At the time I made this topic, our community was a little over 300 members large. Some time and a lot of fun has passed, and we're currently at over 1100 members! We're now officially a 'Discord-community'! If you're not here yet, I really encourage you to join aswell, so you won't miss all the fun See you there! CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE DISCORD SERVER (as of writing we have over 1100 members and are still growing!)
  2. Some reorganisation of channels happened!There's now the category archive where I moved some obsolete and/or unused channels. These channels are read-only if you need to extract information, however are subject to deletion. We'll probably keep them in archive for a few months.Moreover a new channel #resources popped up from the horizon - shiny and new, it's experimental to see how much demand is for it - Here you can post things you found useful along your journey of programming - stuff you didn't make but you think may help out others. Not for advertising your own stuff. Also definitely not f
  3. Thank you very much, and yes, the addition of 'Community' and and the 'admin edit' is excellent and clear. I hope anyone will feel welcome and have a great time! Enjoy computing, mining and crafting!
  4. Admin edit: This is a project run by HydroNitrogen, the OC Staff Team do not have or exert any control over it. JOIN THE DISCORD SERVER (as of writing we have over 1100 members and are still growing!) Introduction: Hey all! A long time ago, I started an OC/CC Discord server, and it was and still is a big success. We've helped numerous people with their problems quickly, laughed together, discussed ideas and shared cat pictures with over 150 members! A not so long while ago I re-launched a new version of this OC/CC Discord with more
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